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InsightCloud Data Take-On

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InsightCloud provides the user with the ability to upload data online to their InsightCloud account from their existing storage (PC, laptop and servers).  However, this may not be practical for the initial bulk data take-on due to bandwidth limitations.

Insight Software Live provides a data migration service for customers who wish to deploy InsightCloud within their business. This migration service includes "file" data (such as Microsoft Word documents) and application specific data such as Microsoft Exchange.

Initial data capture;

The following steps are taken to obtain a copy of the client's data from their existing servers or PC's;

  • Client purchases the required volume of storage on the InsightCloud platform. Click Here
  • Insight will provide the InsightCloud Data Migration Checklist to the client in advance via e-mail.
  • Insight will provide encrypted USB hard disk drive(s) to the client's location.
  • Client will copy their selected data onto the drive and return to Insight.
  • For Microsoft Exchange a PST file is required to be produced for each mail box and copied to the hard drive.
  • Insight will import the data to the InsightCloud platform2
  • For Microsoft Exchange users this will include the configuration of Calendar, Public Folders and Global Contacts. 


  1. Google Apps only offers a migration service for clients Exchange data to Gmail.
  2. For security purposes Insight maintains a black list of prohibited file extensions which may not be copied to the InsightCloud platform.