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Business Continuity solutions provide businesses with a range of services to secure business critical data from a secure backup service through to full disaster recovery scenarios with ease. Our high specification solutions cater for every business size, from a single desktop PC needing data backup through to an office network with multiple servers requiring full fail-over protection.

Unplanned IT system loss can occur at any time through human error, hardware fault, malicious act or site disaster. The ramifications are likely to be dramatic or even catastrophic on a companies' ability to trade and operate. Many businesses are required to implement business continuity plans to comply with insurance requirements, whilst others do it for good governance and to protect their investment, but knowing where to begin and how to simplify the process stops many before they even start.

SMBs with limited IT staff often perform backup activities sporadically, if at all, and backup tapes are frequently left on-site, eliminating the possibility of recovering from site wide disasters.

In order to address these issues, we offer

  • Online Backup
  • Advanced Backup
  • High Availability

The Rise value proposition is straightforward and compelling:

  • Ease of management of backup and restore process
  • Swift solution deployment
  • Frees up IT staff to focus on operational priorities
  • Scheduled or continuous, (or near continuous backup with limited bandwidth requirements)
  • 24/7 active monitoring of the backup service
  • Data stored at our secure off -site facilities
  • User initiated online restores
  • Eliminates the need to purchase backup/restore hardware and software
  • Simplify disaster recovery testing and provide assurance to third parties

A Flexible and Tiered Approach to Business Continuity Services




Recovery Time

Target Use

Online Backup

Easy, intuitive set-up.

Continuous or scheduled backup to secure data centre repository and options to restore to customer site.

Restore speed depends on site connectivity speeds and size of backup.

All business data to enable recovery from human error or hardware fault as well as servers that are not critical to immediate business operations but require protection. Protect desktops, notebooks or servers

Disaster Recovery

Advanced Backup & same day restore

Recover servers or files from a hosted backup repository to a hosted server/s for added flexibility, economy and speed of recovery.

Hosted backup moved to hosted virtual servers within 4 hours† from which remote connectivity is then enabled.

For all data and servers that are essential to normal business operations and need to be restored within hours of an incident*.

High Availability & one hour restore

One-to-one mapping of each on-premise server to its own unique hosted server. Automatic, continuous mirroring of data.

Complete access within less than 60 minutes, irrespective of number of servers or amount of data.

Business critical applications that need to be recovered within 1 hour of a reported incident

*Additionally add an on-premise repository for faster local restore.
†Subject to available bandwidth

Key features of our disaster recovery service

1. Choice of restore sites
- Restore to on-premise or to hosted virtual servers within the Data Centre.

2. Low bandwidth requirements
- Initial data upload can be through removable disk or throttled based on operational requirements so as to not compete with business activity.
- Ongoing synchronisation is compressed, encrypted and only incremental (delta) changes are uploaded. No full re-synchronisation is required.

3. Continuous backup of data
- Changes to on-premise data and applications are by default updated to our cloud infrastructure constantly in the background, so the backups held are up to date.
- Can be used from any location (Ideal for Remote Office Workers).

4. Secure dedicated repositories
- Each customer has its own secure repository for their backups ensuring confidentiality and continuous protection. Customers on the High Availability One Hour Restore Service have dedicated mirrored servers.

5. Grow available backup storage as required
- As repository servers and mirrored servers are located in our Cloud infrastructure, they can be upgraded (either HD space or memory/CPU power) as required, enabling lower setup and optimised running costs.