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Offering faster recovery than the Advanced Backup service. The OHR service enables complete protection of customers' on-premise servers with a faster recovery time using dedicated standby infrastructure.

Instead of simply backing up the data to a hosted repository, the OHR service maintains a mirrored copy of the on-premise server using a separate virtual server in our data centre. This mirrored server is kept up-to-date with real-time data syncing, and means that single or multiple servers can be ready to be utilised instantly.

With every outage the time to restore is the key issue for recovery. By running live mirrored servers with the Rise OHR service, a single or multiple critical services can be resumed within minutes of an incident.

Overview of High Availability service

High Availability Diagram

High Availability features

1. Mirrored on-premise to hosted virtual servers
- Customer on-premise servers replicated in the Data Centre

2. Continuous data protection of original servers
- On-premise server or fi le changes are uploaded constantly

3. Data is encrypted for secure transmission over IPSEC
- Customers data is fully protected throughout the upload service

4. Scale to any size, from 1 machine upwards
- Start with key servers and expand as required

5. Fast recovery time from on-premise failure
- On-premise servers fail-over to mirrored virtual servers within minutes
- Recovery from multiple server or site failure is signifi cantly faster