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An effective service for providing off-site backup for small businesses (protect desktop, notebook or servers) that require data replication and the ability to enable recovery back to on-premise (or the ability to restore to an off-site data centre in the event of an incident).

Customer on-premise equipment has a small backup software client installed that can either backup data (Choose which files or the entire server)/applications on-demand or scheduled to a secure off-site storage location. In the event of data loss, data is recovered from the secure off-site storage and restored to the customers' equipment using the recovery feature.

Overview of Online Backup services

Online Backup Diagram

Key features and benefits

1. Data is encrypted for secure transmission
- Customer data is protected throughout the service

2. Scale to any size, from 1 machine upwards
- Grows with the end customers business

3. Full server or individual fi le restore
- Recover a single lost fi le or a whole server

4. Hosted repository of on-premise data updated
- Data is securely stored in the Data Centre