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Unlimited Bandwidth
All DCoD Dedicated servers are provided with unlimited bandwidth – this means that if the business-critical website or application hosted on the server becomes unexpectedly popular, it will keep running. Other providers will limit bandwidth and if this limit is reached additional charges will be incurred or access to the server will be suspended – just when you are trying to use it most!

Full server control
You have the ability to manage a DCoD dedicated server from any internet enabled computer in the world. With full access to the server, it's as flexible as having it in the same office!

- Remote Server Control
DCoDs' unique remote server control access utilises an independent computer to provide access – this means that if your server stops responding for any reason, you can still perform a hardware reboot from any location. Every server has full Keyboard, Video & Mouse (KVM) control, right down to BIOS level and boot sequencing.

- Remote Desktop & SSH
Remote Desktop Control (RDC) provides access to your servers' desktop, all displayed through your PC screen. RDC is available as standard on all servers with a Microsoft operating system. SSH (Secure Shell) gives you direct command line login for Linux servers from your PC, plus many PDAs and even some mobile phones. Through SSH tunnelling, you can even set up virtual private networking and remote desktop server control.

Powerful Intel CPU's
All DCoD Dedicated servers are supplied with Intel Xeon multi-core processors. These powerful & fast processors are designed to run multiple applications at a time, enabling businesses to make the most of the hosted server. The DS900X & DS1000XX are fitted with Intel Xeon Quad Core processors for businesses or developers requiring more power for demanding or multiple applications.

Built-in Data protection
Most DCoD dedicated servers are supplied with 2 hard drives with RAID 1 automatically configured. This provides mirroring of data storage – this means if there is a problem with one of the hard drives, the data is automatically backed-up to the second drive, offering a safe storage of business-critical data. Our top of the range dedicated servers have faster SAS hard drives as standard for better performance.

Secure Private Network
With DCoD, you get the most secure environment possible for your server – we utilise Cisco switching technology to deliver secure, private networks for each customer. This enables data to flow freely between each of your dedicated servers at 100Mbps with no bandwidth charges or limits. No machine outside your private network can communicate directly with your servers.