Data Center on Demand – Gold Support

The Gold service is designed to monitor and manage devices at a very granular level using an agent-less technologies, and it will intelligently query each distinct part of the hosted infrastructure, to make sure it's healthy, has enough capacity and is responding to users in an acceptable timeframe. The service is based on business hours monitor and resolution of incidents such that when an alert is received a qualified support technician will investigate and if necessary remotely fix the issue and communicate with you via the preferred notification technologies described above. In addition the service also provide a patching assessment and deployment function, for your supported Infrastructure, and this is arranged at a convenient time typically overnight as required by your business.

On a monthly basis you will also receive a report which includes a Management Summary and a breakdown on alerts/fixes, availability, patches applied and incidents.

Included within the service

  • UK Business Hours (0900-17:30) monitoring and fix resolution of supported Infrastructure
  • All calls answered in the UK by trained, accredited analysts
  • Alerts monitored  and managed from server hardware elements
  • Alerts monitored and managed from Operating System Incidents
  • Alerts monitored and managed from supported Application Incidents
  • Full Alert and Incident escalation
  • Incident Resolution and Restitution
  • Unlimited calls to the Service desk within your supported hours
  • Escalation of any incidents that cannot be resolved remotely
  • First hour resolution attempt
  • 4 Hour fix or Escalate
  • Escalations made automatically to your onsite provider
  • Patch of critical and security elements carried out in a time of your choosing
  • Monthly Report on service metrics and incidents, including improvement or change recommendations
  • Access to our knowledgebase.