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Virtual Private Servers allow you to build powerful, secure and scalable virtual hosted solutions to meet your customers' needs. They are designed for the most demanding databases, applications and websites, with built in resource monitoring and alerts, you can view and optimise the performance of your server at any time.

Virtual Servers offer all the flexibility of a Dedicated Server, or a server located in an office or on-premise environment. Users have complete control over the server, including full root access and ability to shut down or restart the server at any time.

Utilising the latest operating systems, the Virtual Servers are compatible with most applications, and can be managed from any location.

Key benefits you will see with a VPS solution include:

  • Full redundancy with automatic failover and RAID disk arrays.
  • Total control of the server, with full admin-level access and Parallels Plesk control panel.
  • Unlimited bandwidth with 100Mbps connection - no limits, no fees.
  • The ability to purchase a customised server and upgrade it whenever they need to.
  • The latest Windows 2008 R2 and Linux operating systems.
  • Free SSL certificate with every Virtual Server.

Provisioned on the latest technology from Microsoft, our Virtual Servers utilise the Dynamic Data Centre (DDC) and the enterprise level Hyper-V system to build a fast, scalable and resilient platform. The Virtual Servers are provisioned quickly and are ready to run within minutes, giving a fast solution to any urgent hosted service requirements.

The provisioning of a Virtual Server is future-proof, as you  can simply upgrade your server via a browser whenever you need more power, disk space or memory. This flexibility also applies to expanding the server architecture, including the ability to network multiple virtual servers together, and grow the network as required.

Utilising Plesk control panel with the Virtual Server, full control of the platform is managed through a simple & popular interface. Free monitoring and alerting of every Virtual Server means that businesses have full control and pro-active management of important infrastructure.  If the server's resources become over-utilised, an email or SMS is sent to alert key staff to allow them to manage the situation, either by upgrading the server or reviewing the application processes that are running.

Virtual server product range

Pre-configured VPS

 Operating System

Contract term

(eg. entery level/email server)

Windows 2008 R2 Standard

Windows 2008 R2 Web

CentOS 5

RedHat 5

1 month contract
Pay monthly

12 month contract
Pay monthly

12 month contract
Pay yearly

(eg. efficient web/media hosting)

(eg. software/application development)

(eg. reliable database  applications)

(eg. powerful application)

Virtual Servers are also available with completely customisable specifications. Total control over the amount of CPU power, Memory (RAM) and disk space means that you can buy the server you need now, and upgrade it if and when you need more power.

Customisable servers are also available with a choice of operating systems and contract terms.