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Buy Now »Business benefits of InsightCloud DCoD Virtual Servers

DCoD Virtual Servers offer instant and long term benefits to SMB's in the following way:

Low cost business expansion

  • Provided on a subscription basis, SMB's have a low cost entry to VPS hosted solutions, offering fast, efficient and economic expansion and growth.

Pay only for what is needed

  • An alternative to on-premise or dedicated servers (which are harder to upgrade, and the hardware has to be purchased with an understanding of the resources required from it in 2-4 years of use),Virtual Servers are able to upgraded or downgraded on demand.
  • A single server can be purchased initially, but as the business grows or new applications or solutions are required, subsequent servers can be purchased and added to a virtual LAN as needed.

Resilient infrastructure

  • DCoD Virtual Servers are all hosted in our UK or US Data Centres, with resilient power, network and air conditioning services to ensure high levels of uptime.
  • The Virtual Server infrastructure itself is very resilient; with an automatic failover should any key component (such as CPU, Memory or disk drive) fail. The Virtual Server simply routes from the failed component to a fully functional one, and continues to operate without any data loss.

Future-proof technology

  • Fully scalable Virtual Servers grow as businesses need them to, and upgrades can be easily applied through a web browser.
  • No technology tie-in – all DCoD Virtual Servers run the latest operating systems, so should businesses ever feel the need, they can simply move their applications onto another server or platform.