Insight Technology Show 2011

12:30 - Keynote 1

Delivered by Marcus East CIO/CTO for Comic Relief
"Enabling positive change through the power of technology"


East has revolutionised the way Comic Relief use IT, both to support the cause and drive the ability to reach out to new, potential income streams. East believes that IT is not only a key competitive differentiator in the success of an organisation but has the ability to drive wider social change in the way we work, live and play.

13:45 - Keynote 2

Delivered by Shaun Collins Founder of CCS Insight

"Pushing the Right Buttons in the New Mobile World"

Without a doubt the quickest moving and time most confusing element of the IT world has been the explosion of smart phones devices that have overwhelmed the enterprise.  Where is the mobile world moving to next, how will the competing platforms evolve........who will be the winner and losers?

Collins explores these elements and discusses the movement from hardware to software as key in the mobile world, in this engaging keynote delivered by one of the UK's leading mobile analysts.

15:00 - Keynote 3

Delivered by Tim Harford economist, author and award winning Financial Times columnist.

"Problem solving in a complex world"

The world around is miraculously complex - a fact which we often tend to gloss over. Harford argues that our usual problem-solving techniques: relying on experts, top-down plans and heroic leaders, are often woefully inadequate to cope with this complexity.

In a sweeping story covering business, history, technology, biology, and even the psychology of TV game shows, Harford shows the power of experimental, trial-and-error approaches to solving problems - and explains why we are so reluctant to use them.