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What is E-Procurement?

Electronic Procurement is a description of electronic methods of transacting a business relationship. The savings Electronic Procurement offers the public sector in both administration and the time taken to transact means that you can benefit from increased productivity and efficiency when employing eProcurement methods.

Here at Insight we use eProcurement to describe the various methods that we offer to enable your organisation to conduct an effective and efficient business relationship with ourselves. At the simplest level you can setup an account and order online through our website portal. For some clients this is all that is required though most organisations will benefit from the more advanced eProcurement options that we offer.

These include the Insight Hardware shop, the Insight Software shop, and B2B solutions, and together they deliver comprehensive control, visibility and savings to our clients. The Insight Hardware shop, also known as myInsight, allows clients to access the full Insight catalogue of Hardware, Consumables and boxed software; to define standard products groups and routine orders, to view quotes and order history, and much much more.

The Insight Software shop allows clients to manage global software licensing across all of the major software manufacturers, with features including access to detailed cost centre reporting, customisable user levels and company favourites to deliver you the control you require.

B2B solutions allow our clients to integrate our Hardware and Software shops with platforms such as SAP and Oracle as well as leading catalogues and marketplaces such as Science Warehouse & EGS's Parabilis and IDeA to deliver the benefits of punchout, electronic ordering and electronic invoicing – increased productivity and control with reduced administration.