Insight Public Sector

Local Government

Insight provide a specialist Local Government service, we have over twenty dedicated Local Government consultants, each with vertical and regional knowledge. At Insight we understand that local government organisations must ensure they procure, implement and manage their ICT in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

Insight understands that the one thing that stands out about the new Government ICT Strategy is that it focuses overwhelmingly on the business end of the field. It deals with procurement and technical issues, with only minimal references to the information management efforts that provided a core element of its predecessor, the Transformational Government strategy of 2005.

Insight understand that now more than any other time that Local government need to show hard cost savings, whilst improving front line services to local tax payers, We are working closely with a number of Local Government organisations to ensure that they are at the cutting edge, by not only reducing cost, but also delivering world class ICT solutions.  

Insight offers a large number of additional services to Local Government, including imaging and asset tagging, disposal in line with WEEE directives, project management, consultancy and software asset management.