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4G to deliver 200% higher capacity

Fourth generation mobile technology would provide over three times higher capacity than 3G

A study by Ofcom shows the fourth generation mobile technology would provide over three times higher capacity than the current 3G standard.

Customers will have access to faster mobile phone networks once 4G rolls out in the UK, sometime around 2013.

Ofcom's chief technology officer Stephen Unger stated: "The research that we commissioned indicates that early 4G mobile networks with standard configurations will be 3.3 times (230%) more spectrally efficient than today's standard 3G networks.

"To put this in context, a user on an early 4G network will be able to download a video in around a third of the time it takes today."

It will be a vital step forward for mobile broadband as ever increasing number of people rely on their smartphones to access email, social networking sites, online music and video, as well as other web-based services, the communications watchdog said.

However it warned that the increase in capacity may not be enough to "keep pace with the growth in demand".

A lot will also depend on improvements in network topology, or the configuration of signal-transmitting components, particularly in high-density areas, Ofcom said.

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