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Google to unveil digital wallet

Google is planning to convert the Android smartphone into a digital wallet

Google is planning to convert the Android smartphone into a digital wallet at a special event in New York.

The company is expected to hold talks on how Android phones with the 2.3 Gingerbread operating system can be used to pay for goods and services by swiping the phone on a reader device.

According to reports, the NFC technology in Android phones such as the Google Nexus S will help users to earn loyalty points and redeem coupons just by showing their phones at the checkout.

Sources have indicated that Google has already selected a few retail partners, with US stores Macy's, Subway and American Eagle Outfitters believed to be among the stores involved in the initial roll out in New York and San Francisco.

A new series of NFC-enabled apps is likely to be available following the announcement, which would help Android users in making their payments.

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