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IBM offers marketing analytics tool

New cloud analytics software from IBM is designed to help improve online marketing campaigns

New cloud analytics software from IBM is designed to help improve online marketing campaigns through a more accurate assessment of customer behaviour.

Called Coremetrics Lifecycle, the program uses analytics to predict the changes in customer lifecycles over time, enabling marketers to make informed decisions on whether or not a campaign will work.

According to IBM, it could be a valuable tool for businesses looking to optimise their promotional strategies for multiple web channels such as search marketing, email, social networks and display advertising.

Within the software are built-in and customisable Lifecycle templates, tools to analyse the impact of marketing programmes as well as information on content viewed and products purchased at every milestone of the customer lifecycle.

It can also be integrated with other Coremetrics products, the company said.

IBM Coremetrics chief strategy officer John Squire stated: "We are dedicated to delivering capabilities that equip marketers with analytics-based insight into how customer lifecycles speed up or slow down over time, benchmarking current results against previous ones, and laying the foundation for consistently smarter marketing."

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