HP ProLiant MicroServer

Are you are looking to simplify file location and backup, protect information from unauthorised viewers, and enable safe and remote access to information?

If yes, then it's time you look at the new HP ProLiant MicroServer. This affordable, space conscious, and reliable server can help your organisation grow with confidence.

Providing essential server features at an affordable price, the HP ProLiant MicroServer is just right for your organisation. It helps organise and safeguard your business information, improve communications with customers, and make the most of your existing office equipment and resources.


Why move from a peer-to-peer network to a server-based network?

A P2P network cannot meet your growing management, connectivity, and security demands. Moving to a server based network will not only help you manage information better, while meeting customer demands more efficiently, but also save you time and money. All of this is possible with the MicroServer. It allows you to share files, applications, and resources such as printers and computers. Also, it helps secure critical data and adapts to changing business needs with confidence.

Take your organisation to the next level of productivity and efficiency — a shared and centralised server is the solution to your traditional P2P network setup. A centralised server can give you the competitive edge you have been looking for.

Key features and benefits

Simple and effective

  • Packed with all the essential server features, the MicroServer is a perfect first server.
  • Designed for growth, you can add memory, hard drives and peripherals with lesser effort.
  • Suited for an ergonomic working environment, it offers a low acoustic level of 21 DBA.
  • Intended for small and micro organisations — its compact design fits easily within your work space.

Proven HP ProLiant reliability and support

  • Leveraging 20+ years of server experience, HP now offers a simplified solution for small and micro businesses—HP ProLiant MicroServer.
  • Offering a worldwide network of HP trained service professionals—you can take advantage of HP services and support.