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Equal Protection for Data Centres, Headquarters and Remote Offices:

Remote/Branch Office Data Protection & System Availability

Performing backups at remote offices can be challenging, slow and risky especially if you have to rely on non-IT staff to help get the job done. Industry analyst studies show that over 70% of data resides outside of the corporate data centre today and companies need to make sure it is all protected. Today, many businesses, government agencies, and higher education institutions face the daunting task of protecting the information and systems at remote offices and branch offices. And surveys have shown that 30% or more of small and mid-sized organisations don't even perform remote office data backups due to the cost or resource requirements.

Benefits of a complete strategy to manage backup, recovery and availability in both remote offices and data centres are:

  • Easier, less costly remote office backup.
  • Centralised data storage for central backup or offsite disaster recovery.
  • Continuous data protection to help keep data and information accurate, supporting regulatory compliance initiatives.
  • Centralised and automated management means your IT staff can focus more on growing the business.

Your business or organisation requires the same level of protection at your remote offices as you have at the data centre or headquarters. The CA ARCserve Family of Products not only helps you simplify and automate remote office data protection, it enables you to provide high availability of remote office systems that helps you meet demanding service level agreements and keep employee productivity high. Leveraging the CA ARCserve Family of Products helps ensure the protection and availability of your remote office systems, applications and data on which your business or organisation depends.

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