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Lexmark solutions work alongside our multifunction devices helping you save time, money and the environment. Solutions are developed around enabling you to become more efficient, scan documents and forms, gain immediate contact and support as well as merging data.

Focus Solution: Eco Copy

What is Eco Copy?

Lots of copies no longer have to mean lots of waste. Lexmark's Eco Copy is intuitive, easy access to paper- and toner-saving options. For maximum savings: combine duplex and 4-up to print an 8 page copy job on a single piece of paper – and reduce the number of printed pages by 87%!

How does Eco Copy work?

1. Lexmark Expert Partners can access the Lexmark Virtual Solution Centre to download the application.
2. Install and configure the Eco Copy application. (Please read the Installation Guide available from the website.)
3. Select the Eco Copy Icon on the eTask interface.
4. Follow on the on-screen copy instructions.