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Mindjet Catalyst

The easiest way to exchange ideas and information with anyone, anywhere.

Mindjet Catalyst is a simple yet powerful collaboration solution that combines secure online workspaces, web conferencing and a best-in-class visual productivity application (mind mapping). With Mindjet Catalyst, teams can visually connect ideas, information and people to save time, improve business processes and drive innovation – whether you are driving the sales process, managing a meeting, conducting a meeting or simply getting organised.
Finally, a tool that increases clarity and turns ideas into action.

Mindjet Catalyst

Mindjet Catalyst Datasheet

Delivered as a subscription-based service, Mindjet Catalyst provides a unified work environment that marries critical workgroup capabilities in a single easy to use interface, and provides:

  • The sophistication of Mindjet's visual "mind mapping" to illustrate ideas and add meaningful context
  • The flexibility of map co-editing in real time
  • The immediacy of online chat and optional web conferencing
  • The reliability of secure workspaces to store maps and related documents in a central location
  • The viral reach of sharing maps with your network - through email, blogs and social networking sites
  • The freedom from software downloads, installations, upgrades or updates
  • The confidence of full technical and product support from Mindjet experts

Web-Based Visual Mapping

Collaborate with others to organise, manage, and communicate complex ideas and information using an intuitive diagram called a "mind map." Add images, hyperlinks, attachments and more to help you better understand context, relationships and priority of the information. Use web-based visual mapping to access mind maps anytime, from any web browser.

Co-Editing Capabilities

Work simultaneously with colleagues to structure and refine ideas or embed relevant information within maps. You're free to modify ideas in one area of a map, while a colleague adds supporting details elsewhere. Edits are accepted from both Mindjet Catalyst as well as from Mindjet's desktop software, MindManager® for Windows. Mindjet Catalyst captures it all in real time.

Full-Featured Web Conferencing (optional)

Easily schedule or start a web conference directly from within Mindjet Catalyst. Initiate an unlimited number of web conference meetings and invite up to 15 participants to each meeting.  Anyone using a web browser on Microsoft Windows can join an unlimited number of web conferences. Mindjet Catalyst web conferencing includes individual application as well as full desktop sharing capabilities, the ability to control who can display what, support for video, VoIP, file transfers and session recordings, all combined at a highly attractive price relative to standalone Web conferencing services.

Integrated Chat

Use the integrated online chat to communicate immediately with team members in your account. You can chat with colleagues individually or chat with multiple participants in the web conference for even greater efficiency.

Secure Workspaces

Store maps and related document files automatically in Mindjet Catalyst's secure workspaces. Anyone on your team can get immediate access to the most recent versions. You can combine related files into one or more workspaces, according to your needs. In addition, you can assign various permission levels (owner, author, or reader access) to each workspace.

MindjetShare Functionality

Share your ideas and plans with your entire network using MindjetShare capabilities. Email a link to your map, post it on your blog or share it with your Facebook™, LinkedIn™ or Twitter™ networks. Recipients can either view your map in a browser or copy it for their own use, if you choose.

MindManager Compatibility

Maps created in Mindjet Catalyst are compatible with Mindjet's desktop software, MindManager® for Windows, and MindManager for Mac. Similarly, desktop-generated maps can be used by Mindjet Catalyst subscribers. That means even desktop users can benefit from Mindjet Catalyst whenever they're away from their primary desktop.

Additional Features

  • Manage maps that have been shared with others
  • Download maps to your PC or Mac and share them with other Mindjet users
  • Replace workspace files with updated versions without losing links from your original maps
  • Use shortcut keys to work more efficiently

Mindjet Catalyst