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Mindjet MindManager 9Mindjet for the Education Sector

MindManager® maps provide an intuitive way for students and educators to engage using a visual framework that fosters clarity, innovative thinking and communication.

How it works: You create maps in MindManager by starting with a central theme or goal. Then provide more detail by adding subtopics with notes, images, tasks, hyperlinks and attachments containing related ideas and information.


How we work with the Education Sector:

Mindjet provides the perfect productivity and collaboration solution for the education sector in areas such as lesson planning and managing information. The MindManager software helps visually connect ideas and information and is ideal for use with interactive whiteboards, making the process of learning highly interactive, engaging and interactive, whatever the subject.

Accomplish More, Faster

  • Clearly align and organize your ideas, information and content in ways that improve engagement.
  • Save time with powerful integrations.
  • Import from Microsoft Word or export to Word®, Project, or PowerPoint®. Display dynamic Outlook or Excel® content. Export web pages, images, PDF files and more.

Ensure Success

  • Achieve active participation in lessons and integrate student responses.
  • Show relationships between your ideas and research, whilst tracking sources.

Communicate More Effectively

  • Organise and present everything in a visual context to ensure clear understanding.
  • Simplify the presentation of even the most complex concepts