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QuarkXPress for the Education Community with Pricing that Fits Your Budget

The new Quark® Education Program delivers something for everyone across the education spectrum. Whether a teacher, student, school, college or university, you can now have access to the most up-to-date tools the professionals use — at a fraction of the cost. With supporting education materials, incorporating QuarkXPress® into classroom curriculum is easy!

  • Design Teachers and Lecturers  – Teach Vital Design Skills for a Competitive Advantage
  • Design Students – Build a Unique Portfolio with Print, Web, and Flash® Design

"We need to make our students as employable as possible, and QuarkXPress is the cornerstone of that. The industry demands QuarkXPress for the vast majority of jobs, and it is for this reason we teach QuarkXPress in our design for publishing classes." said Gavin Kirby, lecturer art and design, Swansea Institute.

QuarkXPress 8 for Students

By purchasing QuarkXPress, you join a community of more than three million QuarkXPress users around the globe and stand out in a competitive job market with an impressive portfolio of integrated print, Web, and Flash design - without having to learn code!

Innovate: Set Trends, Don't Follow

  • Integrate video, motion, sound, animation, and interactivity into your design
  • Create and manipulate images directly in your page layout
  • Achieve stunning text with designer-driven typography
  • Include design elements quickly through native Illustrator® file import and Photoshop® support

Minimise Cost - Maximise Impact

  • Flexible student pricing makes QuarkXPress affordable while you study and you have the option to upgrade throughout your career
  • Free online technical support with live chat, email and knowledgebase
  • Extensive video tutorials and downloadable training modules to get you up and running quickly and easily
  • Install and use QuarkXPress 8 on Mac OS® or Windows® or even switch between the two if you need to after you graduate

QuarkXPress for Teachers and Lecturers

Teach Vital Design Skills for a Competitive Advantage

By teaching QuarkXPress, you will be training the most employable set of designers on the market. Here's why:

  1. QuarkXPress 8 is the only page-layout application that includes the ability to create and output Flash® (SWF) files without having to learn programming
  2. QuarkXPress 8 is easy to learn and helps new designers start producing professional and reliable print output fast
  3. QuarkXPress is designed to work closely with the major components of Adobe® Creative Suite®, making QuarkXPress and the Adobe Creative Suite a perfect combination
  4. Proficiency in QuarkXPress 8 is a vital skill for your students that ensures high-quality print output with easy access to multi-media publishing. Its unique advantages help your students rise above their peers in a competitive job market - something that can't be done by teaching only InDesign®.
"The improvements made to user ergonomics, new picture content, and native Illustrator® import - as well as outstanding typographic possibilities - truly represent an enhancement to QuarkXPress that will pay off in everyday use." Graphische Wien
"In QuarkXPress 8 you can see Quark has really paid attention to how designers work." David Carson
"For new designers it looks like QuarkXPress 8 is going to be the easiest professional page-layout tool to learn... While other design software grows increasingly complicated with each release, the new QuarkXPress 8 interface actually makes the program simpler to use, while still adding powerful new features." Alistair Dabbs, Graphic Designer, UK

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QuarkXPress 8 - Full

QuarkXPress 8 - Full

Inspired by the designer's passion for perfection, QuarkXPress® 8 complements the way creative professionals work.

QuarkXPress 8 - Upgrade

QuarkXPress 8 - Upgrade

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QuarkXPress 8 - Education

QuarkXPress 8 - Education

Create stunning text and achieve the effects you want with designer-driven typography.

QuarkXPress 8 - Government

QuarkXPress 8 - Government

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