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SQL Server Management Products

Ensure Database Quality, Performance, and Availability

Quest solutions for SQL Server deliver the functionality that database administrators, developers and analysts need to be more productive in an increasingly complex environment.

Spotlight® on SQL Server Enterprise
Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise offers operational monitoring of SQL Server performance at a glance. You are instantly alerted to performance bottlenecks detected at the server level.
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Capacity Manager for SQL Server
Enables DBAs to gain control of disk space, growth rates and database performance by providing a centralised view of the environment, intelligent index maintenance, providing advice and metrics for consolidation projects.
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LiteSpeed for SQL Server
LiteSpeed's low impact, high performance compression technology allows companies to reduce storage requirements, reduce backup times and speed recovery duration, while maintaining complete control over the backup and recovery process.
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Toad for SQL Server
Toad for SQL Server bridges the functionality gaps that exist in both Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio and it does it all within a single toolset.
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