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Since being founded in September 2001 PokerStars has grown into the world's largest online poker site. It has 35 per cent of world market share and, to date more than 26 million players across the globe.

"RSA SecurID tokens have enabled us to provide high net worth customers with extremely robust security for their accounts. This in turn reinforces and accelerates our reputation as the world's leading online poker site."

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Salford City Council

The City of Salford is a local government district of Greater Manchester, England, with the status of a city and metropolitan borough. It has a population of 218,000.  Salford City Council exists to serve the residents of Salford and delivers a vast range of public services funded both from residents' council tax and from government grants.

"By centralising management and storage of all log files for up to six months, the RSA enVision platform has accelerated us to full GCSX CoCo compliance status in a matter of days. But that's not all.  It's also provided us with greater understanding of our network performance, helping us to reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot – in some instances from a couple of hours to just five minutes."

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Flybe Airline

As Europe's largest regional low cost airline, Flybe carries over 7 million passengers between 56 airports in the UK and Europe each year. Some 85% of these passengers book their flights online, resulting in vast amounts of confidential data, including credit-card information, travelling over the Internet.

Flybe has been able to accelerate compliance with PCI DSS mandates as well as enhance its brand among customers concerned about the privacy of their information by implementing the RSA enVision™ platform for security and event management. The scalability of the product has also helped Flybe integrate new acquisitions more quickly.

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CSC is a leading global consulting, systems integration and outsourcing company.

The RSA enVision® platform helps CSC to accelerate operations by consolidating the log management procedure so that the IT team can quickly and efficiently troubleshoot system, network and security issues. This allows experienced IT personnel more time to be proactive and address critical IT matters before incidents happen.

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Advanced Micro Devices

Founded in 1969 and based in Sunnyvale, California, AMD (NYSE: AMD) designs and produces innovative microprocessor and graphics and media solutions.  It is focused on best meeting the needs of leading computing, wireless and consumer electronics companies to help them deliver high-performance, energy-efficient and visually realistic solutions.  It has 11,000 employees across 80 locations worldwide.

"Accelerating innovation relies on our network of external partners and suppliers having instant, secure access to our business-critical systems. By enabling single sign-on, risk-based authentication and a centralised security policy, RSA® Access Manager and RSA® Adaptive Authentication are helping us keep administration costs low and remain competitive."

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