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Email AntiVirus Protection hosted Email AntiVirus Service protects your business from known and unknown viruses. Our multi-layered, virus protection service is the only one on the market that offers a service level for 100% protection from known and unknown viruses. So you can be sure your business avoids virus related costs such as system down-time, lost productivity and brand damage.

Our Email AntiVirus service is compatible with any SMTP-compliant email messaging platform including: Exchange Server , GroupWise, Lotus Notes-Domino, providing an easy-to-manage email anti-virus solution. Our solution is scalable to fit the needs of any size business and you can enhance your email security by adding our Email AntiSpam filter.

Why use Email Anti-Virus service?

Our Email AntiVirus solution is a managed service. It requires no hardware purchases, no installation, no ongoing upgrades and no maintenance and can be set up in minutes. Our multi-layered technology not only offers protection from viruses, but can also block other email based threats such as phishing scams, Trojans, and worms.


Hosted Anti-Virus


Reducing the risk of email virus infection Uses proprietary technology and is the only system to offer 100% virus protection SLA for known and unknown viruses
You can be confident that your organisation will not fall victim to email viruses
Protecting users from malicious email links
Link following technology follows and scans web links embedded in emails
Offers your email protection from web based threats propagating through email
Continuous virus protection
Managed service which is always on and always up to date
You network is protected from email viruses – no more signature updates

As with all products, our hosted Email Anti-Virus filter includes 24x7x365 support.

Anti-Virus Service - How it works Email AntiVirus service uses a combination of technologies to deliver an anti-virus solution trusted by financial institutions and governments. First, to deal with known malware, perimeter defenses deploy traffic and connection management to identify unwanted email from known sources, slow it down and reject it. Then, unknown viruses are intercepted by our Skeptic™ technology. Finally, by following links the service identifies virus-hiding URLs.

How MessageLabs AntiVirus Service Works

  • All incoming emails are directed through the platform, hosted in secure data centres worldwide
  • Each message is scanned for all known and unknown viruses
  • All URLs referenced in emails are checked for viruses
  • A new signature is created whenever a suspicious link is confirmed as bad
  • Any email infected with a virus or containing a bad link is blocked and quarantined, with sender and recipient notified

Getting started:

Implementing our Email AntiVirus Service is a fast and easy process; you can be up and running within minutes. You simply pay a fixed monthly cost based on the number of users connected and the service is scalable, so new employees can be added easily as your business grows.

Our Email Anti-Virus Service combined with our Email AntiSpam filter increases email security. Other service options include Email Image Control, Email Content Control and Email Encryption which can be easily added on to the service, providing greater levels of protection to meet your organisation's email security needs.