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Hosted Endpoint Protection

Symantec Hosted Endpoint Protection offers comprehensive security for your Windows-based computer systems as a hosted service, helping you to protect your business without installing additional hardware or management software.

It is designed to safeguard your laptops, desktop, and file servers with one easy to use solution that includes advanced technologies for antivirus, antispyware, firewall, host intrusion prevention, and email security all managed from a single Web-based management console.

Why use our Hosted Endpoint Protection?

With Hosted Endpoint Protection, automatic security updates occur transparently over an Internet connection, enabling employee systems to stay current whether workers are in the office or on the road. Simple to set up and easy to use, Hosted Endpoint Protection offers advanced security, lower maintenance costs, and predictable subscription fees that can reduce up front expenses.


Hosted Endpoint Protection


Protect your endpoint systems from an increasing number of sophisticated threats.
Comprehensive protection for your systems.
Advanced technologies for antivirus, antispyware, firewall, and host intrusion prevention.
Keeping protection levels current. Protecting endusers regardless of location.
Always-on protection for endpoints.
Automated updates occur transparently over an Internet connection to help keep employee systems current and consistent with your policies when employees are in the office or on the road – even when they're not logged into the VPN.
Efficient management of multiple security policies and endpoints.
Web-Based Management Console.
Administrators can access the administration portal over supported Web-browsers. Does not require VPN access to monitor and manage each computer. Administrators receive real-time alerts via SMS or email and can easily perform functions such as Live Updates, view history on systems, and change local policy settings.
Easily scales to meet IT and security needs.
Scalability. Flexibility provided through hosted model allows the solution to scale to incorporate new endpoints quickly and efficiently without requiring additional hardware or software.
Visibility into the status of security policies, protection levels and endpoints within your network.
Security Audit & Customisable Reporting.
Service records data about administrative activities such as login times, policies created, and computers added. Administrators can build graphical reports can be customised and are exportable to .PDF or .HTML formats.

How our Hosted Endpoint Protection Works

  • Log on to web-based management console.
  • Deploy agent to individual endpoints or silently push the solution to the network.
  • Upon installation, preconfigured policies are enabled for the agent to include Symantec's standard antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall, and host intrusion prevention.
  • After the install, agent proactively refreshes the latest security definitions and updates.
  • Administrator can use management console to set custom policies and push to all endpoints in the network.
  • Administrator can use management console for ongoing maintenance including deploying new endpoints, viewing status, managing remote clients.