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Access Point

A device used to allow wireless connection to a local area network. An access point will use spread-spectrum radio to communicate with client devices rather than physical cabling. Access points are similar in operation to a repeater hub as only one device can communicate at any once time.


(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) A data communications technology that allows network data to share the same line as an analogue telephone. A splitter is usually required to separate the analogue and digital signalling. Typically used in businesses and homes to provide high speed internet access. See Broadband

AES Encryption

(Advanced Encryption Standard) - complex algorithms used to encrypt data. Typically found hard drives that use this to encrypt the data stored on them.


(Advance Graphics Port) - an expansion slot allowing the addition of a graphics card to a Motherboard. This is an older standard, for current graphics cards please refer to PCI Express x16.

AIT Drives & Tapes

(Advanced Intelligent Tape) - A backup system developed by Sony, capable of backing up data to Tapes with up to 1TB of compressed storage on AIT-5 tapes. (see Data Backup).

Aspect Ratio

A representation of the width of a display against the height of a display or projector screen. Commonly used ratio's are 4:3 for 'standard' or 'square' display, and 16:9 for a 'wide' display.


Often used to describe a type of Hard Drive based on it's connection type, a 40 or 44 pin ribbon cable connector. Also known as IDE, or PATA (Parallel ATA). Not to be confused with Serial ATA or SATA.


Audio Video Interleave - this is a type of Video file that can be played using software video players such as Windows Media Player.