Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management

Core Competencies


Insight has the mission of being a trusted partner to our customers, and we have over 20 years experience in delivering Software Asset Management (SAM) projects and services delivered by a team qualified in Microsoft, ITIL and ITIAM SAM.


The Insight SAM team, report within the services division of Insight Technology Solutions (ITS) which allows for the required independence of the software sales teams, whilst allowing us to utilise the extensive knowledge held by our licensing experts and leveraging the strong relationships Insight hold with all the major software vendors.


Our approach towards SAM is to utilise up-to-date technologies and our understanding of ever increasing licensing and software deployment complexities, ultimately to reduce information technology costs and limit business and legal risk related to the ownership and use of software, while maximising IT responsiveness and end-user productivity.

Core Services

Insight offer a comprehensive portfolio of project based Software Asset Management services to support our customers with any tactical requirements.In addition, our managed services take a more strategic approach and will incorporate some or the entire project based services.

Software Asset Managment - Core Competencies

Technology Services


For any organisation developing their Software Asset Management strategy, there will be a clear set of deliverables which will need to be achieved.It is often a requirement to implement SAM technologies to achieve the desired results.


This can often be a daunting exercise for an organisation to undertake, Insight SAM consultants are vendor agnostic and can support you in identifying which SAM toolset is most appropriate for your strategy, environment and overall SAM requirement.


Insight can provide the following services to support the review, selection and implementation of SAM Technologies:

  • Independent SAM Technology Review
  • Fulfilment
  • Implementation and Configuration
  • Support and Technical Services


Insight is accredited to fulfil the following technologies:

  • Snow
  • Centennial
  • SCCM
  • LANDesk
  • Express Metrix
  • Spider
  • Aspera

Audit and Reconciliation Services


Every organisation has a legal requirement to demonstrate to all software vendors their software compliance position.Insight can provide an audit and reconciliation service which details an organisations compliance per software vendor.This data, in addition to fulfilling any vendor requirements, provides essential data when considering:

  • Contract Renewals
  • Windows Migration / Application upgrades
  • IT Strategy planning
  • Mergers and Acquisitions


Our audit and reconciliation can be supplied, if required, with true software metering which helps identify trends of software usage throughout the estate.This intelligence allows for key decisions which can produce significant software licensing and support cost savings.


Insight can provide the following services for which cover a number of key areas within License Compliance Services:

  • License Entitlement Services
  • Audit Data Services
  • License Reconciliation Services
  • Help and support through Specific Vendor Programmes


The benefits of gaining visibility of your overall IT estate are:



  • Visibility of exact licensing status
  • Develop a basis for the implementation of a SAM solution
  • Potential to standardise software versions across your estate
  • Foundation to develop license management

Financial Aspects

  • Basis for license agreement Negotiations
  • Supports vendor true up requirements
  • Re-allocation of unused licenses throughout the business
  • Reduction in software procurement spend as only required licenses are purchased

Legal aspects

  • Having a documented base to show the exact license situation

Process Services


In order for a Software Asset Management strategy to succeed, there is an overall requirement for a fully implemented set of Software Asset Management policies and processes throughout the entire organisation.


Within the first year of implementing a SAM strategy, SAM policies and processes will need to be reviewed and implemented where required, however they will need continual review over a number of years in order to ensure they are effective and robust.


Insight can provide an assessment of the overall performance of your Software Asset Management policy and processes and provide recommendations on how to progress. 

  • Assessment Services for aligned to:
    • ISO
    • Microsoft SOM
    • FAST
  • ITIL / ISO Process Consultancy and Training


Following this initial assessment, Insight can design, build and implement a set of SAM processes, bespoke to suit each customer environment

Software Asset Managment - Process Services

Managed Services


Insight understand that each organisations Software Asset Management requirements will differ and as such, we can develop and package a range of services to meet these specific requirements.The following offerings are a flavour of our managed services, each tailored to bespoke requirements

Hosted SAM Inventory and License Management Solution

This service has been developed on our Hosted Snow Software platform.This solution provides technical software inventory and provisions our license reconciliation services to deliver an ongoing reconciled software position.


This can be delivered over a 12, 24, 36 month or longer timeframe with optional reconciliation frequency for a number of key software vendors.


Benefits of this service include:

  • The hosted provision of a SAM technology reducing the upfront capitol of SAM technology licensing and infrastructure
  • Utilisation of Insight specialist SAM and Licensing Consultants resource throughout the service to provide an efficient turnaround of data
  • Negating the need to train resource on SAM technology

Provision of resource

Insight can provide specialist SAM resource to work alongside current ITAM and SAM teams either on customer site or remotely, to design, build and implement SAM strategy and policy and process creation and implementation.


This can be as a project based exercise or to work within the BAU teams.


Resource can be provided on a flexible, ad-hoc basis either on short or long term contract, part time or full time.


Examples of consultancy:

  • Assistance in recruiting full time SAM personnel
  • Onsite SAM training
  • Management and Reporting of SAM databases
  • Policy Design and Build

Contract Renewals Management

Many organisations struggle to manage and co-ordinate their overall software licensing, support and maintenance agreements.


Insight can offer a contract renewals managed service which utilises Snow Software License Manager technology alongside our SAM consultants who are experienced in contract renewal management and procurement.


This service can be offered over multiple years as required and some of the key deliverables we can include as part of this service are:

  • End to end process creation to underpin the contract renewals
  • Repository creation to hold the terms and conditions information for each vendor
  • Co-termination of agreements
  • Consolidation and Rationalisation of agreements
  • Termination of contracts no longer valid
  • Provision of renewal notification
  • Provision of software renewal quote
  • Fulfilment of software orders
  • Population into the database of any new contracts procured as per the Insights managed products
  • Provision of expert Licensing and commercial advice
  • Product road-mapping sessions
  • Support for Vendor True-up
  • Monthly or quarterly reporting as per specific requirements