Planning Services & TechNet for Software Assurance

Planning Services

"The engagement proved its value as we saved time and money on the first phase of the Microsoft Office rollout, which was handled solely by the desktop manager."
Shiran Herath, IT Manager, McGrathNicol

 Use Planning Services to:

  • Help ensure efficient deployments with collaborative planning built on best practices
  • Extend your IT staff with on-site deployment planning experts

With Planning Services you get in-depth deployment planning services from Microsoft consulting partners that include Desktop (Office and/or Windows), SharePoint and Exchange Deployment Planning Services, and Business Value Planning Services.

Before you use:

Check Your Planning Days
With Planning Services you get a set number of service days provided by a Microsoft Certified Partner. The number of service days varies by the type and number of licenses you have with Software Assurance, and can be used for planning engagements ranging from 1 to 15 days in length.


Prioritise Your Planning Needs
Review your organisation's IT priorities early on in your Microsoft license agreement so you can best decide among your planning services options and schedule their use. You may use your planning days for a single, in-depth planning engagement, or schedule several engagements to accommodate multiple locations or planning service needs.

When you use:

Assign Planning Days
Your organisation's Software Assurance Manager gets the process started by assigning planning service days to project manager(s) within your organisation, using a straight-forward voucher creation process through VLSC.


Select Planning Partner
The project manager chooses a Microsoft Planning Services Provider and schedules the planning engagement.


Follow Your Plan
After your engagement you will be equipped with a blueprint that outlines recommendations by the planning consultant.