Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack (MDOP)

"Using Application Virtualisation, we can provide much more responsive service. We can bring new customers on board and update and change applications for existing customers very quickly."
Jeron Mehl IT Manager, Steinbuch Centre for Computing


Use the Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack to:

  • Help reduce costs by streamlining deployment and PC management
  • Help improve end-user uptime with increased IT responsiveness

Available exclusively to Software Assurance customers as an add-on subscription, the Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack (MDOP) employs six innovative technologies to improve desktop management, including application virtualisation, asset management, and desktop diagnostic tools.

Before you use:

Learn about App-V Cost-savings
Using Microsoft Application Virtualisation (App-V), part of MDOP, delivers applications virtually without installing them on user machines and can help you reduce IT costs, complete IT tasks more quickly, and deliver higher-quality IT and business services.


See how MED-V solves applications incompatibility
Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualisation (MED-V) can help you upgrade to the latest version of Windows even when some of your applications are not yet functional or supported in a way that is transparent to users.

When you use:

Deploy with Windows 7 Enterprise
You can capture greater productivity and savings when you use MDOP to deploy and manage Windows 7 Enterprise. Used together they help you protect sensitive data, improve application compatibility, and reduce costs by streamlining PC management.


Utilise Windows Virtual Desktop Access
Starting July 1st 2010, you can use Windows PCs already covered under Software Assurance to access your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) at no additional costs.