Step-up Licensing Availability

New Product Versions

"Standardising on a single version of the desktop PC and server operating system, and Microsoft Office via the New Product Versions benefits reduces IT labour costs by 30%-35%."
IDC White Paper: Maximising Your Microsoft Software Investment

Use New Product Versions to:

  • Improve productivity using the latest Microsoft software
  • Lower the costs of acquiring new product versions
  • Simplify software licensing, budgeting and administration

With New Product Versions you get access to new software versions as soon as they are released for no additional cost.

Before you use:

Evaluate Your Upgrade Options
With New Product Versions, every Microsoft product license that is covered by Software Assurance can be upgraded to the most recent version.


For example, if a new version of Microsoft Office is made available during the term of your coverage, your licenses will automatically be upgraded to the new version. Customers that acquire perpetual licenses through Software Assurance can deploy the upgrades after their coverage has expired.


As an additional Software Assurance benefit, if you have Software Assurance coverage on the Windows desktop operating system, you have access to the Windows 7 Enterprise operating system, which is available exclusively to Software Assurance customers.

When you use:

Maximise your Deployment Benefits
When you are ready to deploy new software, Software Assurance can provide you with on-site implementation planning services, end-user training and 24x7 phone and web support to help smooth the transition.


Use VLSC to Manage Your Licenses
When you are ready to deploy, use the Volume Licensing Service Centre (VLSC) to manage and download the latest Microsoft software.