Office, Project and Visio Roaming Use Rights

Use Office, Project and Visio Roaming Use Rights to:

  • Expand end-user productivity with increased flexibility to access Office, Project and Visio outside of the work environment
  • Extend the value of your virtual desktop environment with roaming use rights on Office, Project or Visio

Roaming Use Rights for Office, Project and Visio allow users with Software Assurance on Office, Project, or Visio to remotely access their software on their virtual desktops from third-party devices such as home PCs and internet kiosk.

Before you use:

Flexibility to Roam
When the primary users of your company licensed devices move outside the company network, they can access Office, Project and Visio through a virtual desktop environment using third-party devices such as personal laptops, and hotel kiosks.


When you Carry Software Assurance on Office
You may utilise these expanded Roaming Use Rights when you carry active Software Assurance on Office 2010, Project 2010 or Visio 2010.


Software Licenses Required
Software Licenses are needed for all devices, be they traditional PCs, thin clients, or blade PCs, etc. that are used to access virtual images of Office, Project and/or Visio.

When you use:

Deploy with MDOP to Help Reduce Costs
To streamline virtual desktop management and capture even greater saving use the Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack (MDOP). Available as an add-on subscription service, MDOP helps accelerate productivity and savings gains by speeding up application delivery and compatibility with virtualisation technologies, and increasing user uptime and IT responsiveness through diagnostics, monitoring and policy management tools.


Use Your Licensing Rights
You need not take any formal action to utilise these expanded Office Roaming Use Rights. Simply use your Microsoft Volume Licensing media (or downloads) to install product as appropriate to your virtual desktop infrastructure and management system. Proof of license for Office, Visio and/or Project and Software Assurance coverage are evidence of your right to use this benefit.