Enhance Security with Windows 7 Enterprise

"We have been very impressed with the productivity and management savings that we have realised with Windows 7. Our customers will enjoy the same savings."
Coen Olde Olthof, Vice President of Marketing and Alliances, Portfolio and Strategy, Getronics


Use Windows 7 to:

  • Help make people productive anywhere
  • Help manage risks through enhanced security and control
  • Help reduce costs by streamlining PC management

Available exclusively to Microsoft Software Assurance customers, Windows 7 Enterprise, a cornerstone technology of the Windows Optimised Desktop, helps you boost productivity and drive cost efficiencies across your organisation. 


Before you use:

Help Make People More Productive
With advancements in Windows 7 Enterprise Search you can help users find, share and use information more easily and effectively. You can provide a more productive environment for mobile and remote workers using DirectAccess to enable seamless access to corporate networks, or BranchCache™ to speed up branch office workers' access to corporate files.


Learn about Windows 7 Enterprise Enhanced Security and Control
BitLocker™ and BitLocker To Go™ drive encryption help you expand data protection on both internal hard drives and removable storage devices, letting you expand protection where users store and transport data. AppLocker™ helps you regulate which applications are allowed to run on users' PCs, increasing corporate compliance.


Help Reduce Costs Through Streamlining PC Management.
Windows 7 provides your IT staff with tools, from advanced image management to robust Group Policy settings, to help further reduce costs and complexity of managing both physical and virtual environments on users' PCs.


When you use:

Deploy with MDOP to Help Reduce Costs
You can capture greater productivity and saving gains by pairing Windows 7 with the Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack (MDOP). Available as an add-on subscription service, MDOP helps accelerate productivity and reduce costs by speeding up application delivery and compatibility with virtualisation technologies, and increasing user uptime and IT responsiveness through diagnostics, monitoring and policy management tools. 


Support Multiple Languages
Because the Multi-language User Interface (MUI) is included with Windows 7 Enterprise you can roll out the same multilingual desktop image across your organisation, and standardise support for users with different language preferences.


Utilise Windows Virtual Desktop Access
Starting July 1st 2010, you can use Windows-based PCs already covered under Software Assurance as access devices to your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) at no additional costs.