myEA at Insight UK

Year 1

1) Get started with your welcome kit.

You will receive a welcome kit in the post shortly after signing an Enterprise Agreement. In the welcome kit you will learn how to activate your software, plus receive an explanation of your Software Assurance Benefits and a preview of what you can expect through your agreement.


2) In the first 90 days. Activate your new software.

Some software includes product activation technology and will only require product keys to activate it. New releases like Windows 7 require volume activation, using either a Multiple Activation Key or Key Management Service. For volume activation keys, you must go to the Volume Licensing Service Centre.


3) Explore the Volume Licensing Service Centre

Sign in (or register if you haven't already) to the VLSC to activate your software and assign permissions. Once there, you can also:

  • View the online demo and familiarise yourself with the VLSC
  • Access your licensing information
  • Download Microsoft software
  • Manage your subscriptions and Software Assurance Benefits in one location


4) In the first 90 days. Activate your Software Assurance Benefits.

Your EA includes Software Assurance Benefits – training, services, and web/technical support resources to help you deploy, manage and use your software. Visit the VLSC to activate your benefits and assign a benefits manager for your organisation.


5) In the first 180 days, Plan Your Deployment.

Planning – Use packaged services to increase usage, improve productivity and lower costs.

  • Desktop ( Windows)
  • SharePoint
  • Exchange
  • Business Value Planning (Office)


Implementation – Achieve efficient, on-time, and on-budget software deployments and implementations by leveraging the resources of Insight Consulting Services


Adoption – To drive usage of your new software, utilise the employee and IT training in your Software Assurance Benefits. This includes:

  • E-learning sessions
  • Self-paced interactive software training courses
  • Home use program for Office


6) Before your 1st anniversary : Plan your first True-UP

On your agreement anniversary, you'll use the True-up process to reconcile your actual license usage against your agreement.


Expect to receive:

  • Your Welcome Kit
  • Quarterly benefit statements – Personalised Software Assurance Benefits statements to help you track which benefits you've already used, and how many you have remaining.
  • Volume Licensing Communications – Get the latest news on Volume Licensing, including any changes , new benefits available to you through your EA and more
  • Enterprise Customer Care Newsletters – Get in-depth information on licensing, Software Assurance Benefits, and resources
  • True-Up Kit – This includes a summary of your licenses and a check list to get you started