Volume Licensing Service Centre (VLSC)

The benefits of managing your licenses through the Volume Licensing Service Centre (VLSC) are easy, centralised and simple. You can:

  • Access your licensing information in one location
  • Learn what's new with easy updates from the information centre
  • View all agreements or purchases within your organisation
  • Receive a licensing summary that illustrates all entitlements by product and version
  • View all assigned product keys and download products faster

To get Started:

You need a valid business email address and Windows Live ID to register.
To streamline the process for managing multiple agreement numbers, a Windows Live ID and a valid business e-mail are required for registration and access to licensing information. The business e-mail must be the same as what is listed on your agreement. Following these steps will make the process easier to track and manage multiple agreement numbers.


When you register, the site requires you to validate your business e-mail using an invitation e-mail from Microsoft. The business e-mail is what was provided when you signed a new Volume Licensing agreement or Open order.


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