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Rural broadband scheme extended

Superfast broadband will be made available to households across three more areas as part of the latest phase of a Government scheme to connect rural homes and businesses.

The £50 million funding package for Devon and Somerset (£30 million), Norfolk (£15 million) and Wiltshire (£4 million) will help provide broadband services in areas that cannot be reached by the market alone.

According to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, areas will also receive financial support from their local authorities as well as private investors.

Existing pilots are already being set up in North Yorkshire, the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Cumbria and the Herefordshire borders.

Each county will receive a portion of the £530 million funding allocated in the Chancellor's Comprehensive Spending Review.

A total number of 18 bids were received, with further funding for the other bids expected to be given during the remaining Parliament.

Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt said: "Broadband is becoming just as essential to homes and businesses as electricity and telephone lines and it is now only a matter of time before people in these three rural areas have access to the connection speeds more commonly associated with towns and cities."

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