HP CarePack Services

HP CarePack Services - Increase uptime, productivity, and ROI with packaged support services.

HP Care Pack Services cost-effectively upgrade or extend your standard warranty with easy-to-buy, easy-to-use support packages.

Your standard warranty on these HP hardware protect against limited hardware repair, reasonable effort in response for replacement of defective components, and no operating system support or installation services.

These packaged IT services can be purchased along with your HP products. For many products, post-warranty HP Care Pack Services are available when your original warranty has reached expiry.

Features and Benefits

HP Care Pack Services provides:

  • Additional services beyond warranty for availability and performance optimisation, support management and deployment.
  • Targeted response and committed  repair times and Escalation Management
  • Software support
  • Flexible support levels with consistent service packages across technologies and environments
  • Higher level of configuration as well as integration and customisation of onsite installation services

What's covered with my HP Care Pack for HP ProLiant/Blade

HP Care Pack Services for ProLiant Servers include cover for :

  • All internal HP supplied options purchased either with Server or during the lifetime of the HP Care Pack
  • Up to and including 22" TFT or CRT HP supplied monitor, keyboard and mouse Standalone Tower UPS* (e.g. T1000, T1500, T750, T3000).
  • HP supplied Rack plus the following rack options*
  • Rack UPS models below 12kVA (e.g. R5500, R1500, R3000, R1200). (excludes RP3000 – seperate HP Care Pack Services available).
  • UPS runtime modules supporting the above.
  • KVM switch.
  • Server console switches.
  • Fan assembly.
  • CMC power distribution assemblies.
  • PDUs 16/32/40 amp.
  • Rack monitor, keyboard and mouse.

HP Care Pack Services for c-Class Enclosure provide cover for the enclosure, and also includes:

  • Patch panels, power supplies and fans
  • HP supplied pass through, Ethernet switches and Virtual Connect modules**
  • HP supported rack options (as above)***

* subject to being 'in service life'

** NB Excludes SAN Switches – separate HP Care Pack Services available

To find out more about HP CarePack please submit a form or call 0844 846 3333.