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Ability BeAnywhere

Remotely access up to three PC's from absolutely anywhere with this simple and secure USB device. Ability BeAnywhere gives you completely secure access to all your files, photos, applications and more.

A fast, easy and secure way to access your computer remotely. Ability BeAnywhere allows you to control up to three computers exactly as if you were sitting in front of them.

Access all your applications, files, emails, documents, presentations, photos, spreadsheets and more from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Ability BeAnywhere USB device and an internet connection.

Worried about security?  Ability BeAnywhere is so secure that when you remove the USB device, no trace is left behind.

6 Features - 1 Drive

  • Remote Desktop - control and access everything on your PC
  • File Transfer - transfer files to and from your PC
  • File Share - share files of any size without uploading them.
  • File Sync - synchronise any number of files and folders with one click.
  • Guest Invite - invite a friend or colleague to share your PC.
  • 1Gb Storage - up to 1Gb of storage on the USB device.
  • Independently acclaimed - The Independent says:
    "I was able to see my office computer from a hotel in Chicago and search my home computer from the office. BeAnywhere is a remarkable device."