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Ability Office Business...

...offers seven fully featured applications in one affordable, powerful and above all compatible office suite, specifically designed for the needs of businesses everywhere.

Get straight to work with a completely familiar user interface that requires absolutely no retraining. Load from and save to MS Office® *.doc, *.xls, *.ppt and *.mdb files, Adobe® PhotoShop *.psd files, plus all other mainstream graphical formats.

Ability Office Business – the cost-effective, easy-to-use and above all realistic alternative to MS Office®. Includes 2 licences for your personal commercial use. Multi-user licences are also available for larger enterprises, educational/charitable establishments and Catalist customers.

  • Write - MS Word® compatible word processing
  • Spreadsheet - MS Excel® compatible spreadsheet
  • Database - MS Access® compatible database
  • Presentation - MS Powerpoint® compatible slideshow presentation
  • Photopaint - Adobe® Photoshop compatible photo and graphics editor
  • Photoalbum - Digital image organiser
  • Draw - Vector-based line drawing and layout software
  • One Click PDF Creation - Create PDFs within any relevant application  
  • Includes FREE email and web support
  • Independently acclaimed - Computeract!ve says:
    "Good office software that gives Microsoft Office a run for its money. There are some areas in which it betters Office: Photopaint, for instance, has no direct equivalent. It's compatible with Adobe Photoshop."


Ability Office Business - Evaluation