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AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition 2011

  • AVG AntiVirus 2011Exceptional endpoint protection for your employees' laptops and PCs
  • File server protection to prevent malware from spreading across your network
  • Automated security updates plus security monitoring and reporting

Promote your business safely on Social Networks with AVG Social Networking Protection™

AVG Social Networking Protection™ is new for AVG 2011 and is offered by no other antivirus software.

Links that are exchanged within Facebook and MySpace are automatically checked in real-time so that your employees and your data stay safe while you benefit from social networks to promote your business.

Your business relies on the smooth running of your computers and networks. AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition offers exceptional real-time protection against the latest online threats, keeping your critical business data safe and computers and networks running smoothly, thereby enabling you to focus on your business.

Incorporating award-winning, leading-edge antivirus, anti-spyware and dynamic data protection for workstations and file servers, AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition provides robust and rapid business security in one easy-to-use and easy-to-manage solution.

Exceptional protection for your small or medium-sized business

  • Secure your business automatically against the latest and toughest Internet threats with AVG LinkScanner® - ENHANCED
    Shows safety ratings in search engine results and ensures web pages your staff visits are safe – before they land on them
  • Protect your business's identity and ensure safe online business transactions with AVG Data Protection
    Identifies and blocks software that is behaving suspiciously in order to protect your business identity and data
  • Promote your business safely on Social Networks with AVG Social Networking Protection™ - NEW and UNIQUE to AVG
    Real-time, automatic checking of links exchanged within Facebook and MySpace, keeping your business safe during the ever-increasing use of social networking.
  • Keep hackers out of your network with AVG Firewall - ENHANCED
    Smart intrusion detection capabilities keep hackers out and your wired and wireless networks secure
  • Keep tough threats out of your business with AVG's core layers of protection - ENHANCED
    AVG Protective cloud technology, Anti-Spyware and Smart Anti-Rootkit technology make sure your business can't receive or unintentionally spread even the toughest threats.
  • Install and deploy simply and rapidly across your business network with Remote Administration Console - WITH NEW AND ENHANCED FEATURES FOR 2011
    Customisable and easy-to-use remote admin console puts you in control by enabling remote installation, deployment and management of your business network security no matter where your employees are located.


How AVG Internet Security Business Edition compares to AVG AntiVirus Business Edition:

AVG AntiVirus Business Edition

AVG Internet Security Business Edition

File Server Protection
Workstation Protection (Laptops, PCs)
Workstation AntiSpam (Laptops, PCs)
Mail Server Protection