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Achieve Compliance Without Complexity

Blue Coat Data Loss Prevention (DLP) enables you to detect and block potential data leaks quickly and accurately, all while achieving industry and regulatory compliance and risk mitigation objectives. Blue Coat DLP can help you maintain comprehensive security policies with minimal management overhead.  You can also leverage powerful discovery capabilities to identify sensitive and unsecured information on your network before it gets into the wrong hands. With Blue Coat, you can quickly and easily deploy and maintain enterprise-class data loss prevention as a separate product or as part of the Blue Coat Application Delivery Network. As a result, you can achieve the right balance between your productivity, cost and security requirements.

Industry and government regulatory requirements can require a broad array of measures, but Blue Coat Data Loss Prevention (DLP) can quickly and easily move your organisation closer to necessary compliance

Blue Coat Data Loss Prevention


  • Complete Network Data Loss Prevention: Effectively secure sensitive data that may inappropriately travel across the network, through email, or to the Web in webmail or even social networking or other Web 2.0 communication channels.
  • Accurate Identification: Automated, accurate signature generation of structured and unstructured data allows you to easily implement policies that treat information such as credit card numbers differently when encountering a customer card number, a corporate card number in use by an authorized user, or an employee paying a bill online with their own credit card.
  • SSL Compliance: Deployed with ProxySG, Blue Coat Data Loss Prevention allows organizations to monitor and control SSL traffic through the gateway to mitigate the potential loss of sensitive information through secure web transfers such as Webmail.
  • Full Inspection: Technology enables information to change format, be rearranged, combined, extracted or otherwise edited. Blue Coat Data Loss Prevention is prepared for today's globally connected environment.
  • Comprehensive Discovery: Agent-less discovery and fingerprinting capabilities empower customers to catalog, fingerprint and secure data on servers and in databases throughout the network without the burden of installing and testing a local software agent.
  • Flexible and Scalable: Each Blue Coat Data Loss Prevention appliance can serve any one or multiple roles, including central management, reducing overall expense and providing ultimate flexibility.