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Stop Malware at the Web Gateway

Blue Coat ProxyAV™ offers advanced malware detection at the gateway as part of the Application Delivery Network (ADN) infrastructure that provides complete application visibility, acceleration and security. ProxyAV appliances are designed for use with Blue Coat ProxySG Full Proxy appliances to provide in-line threat protection and malware scanning of Web content at the gateway, as part of Blue Coat's layered security defense. The unique, high-performance architecture of ProxyAV combined with leading anti-malware engines efficiently secure Web traffic and protect users from Web-based malware.  Together, ProxyAV and ProxySG provide superior performance and the lowest hardware footprint, resulting in a more green and cost-effective solution. Protect your users and network from viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and other forms of malicious content — even extending protection to users who are not running anti-virus software.

Blue Coat ProxyAV


  • Inline Threat Analysis: ProxyAV supports leading malware engines from Panda, Sophos, McAfee and Kaspersky with updates as frequently as every 5 minutes, providing more effective protection than traditional desktop anti-virus solutions. Unlike competitive offerings, Blue coat provides deferred scanning which removes long load objects like Web radio and other media from processing threads to further optimise Web gateway performance. ProxyAV supports four modes of content analysis, including traditional object analysis, trickle first or last stream analysis, and deferred scan. ProxyAV can be configured to analyse both inbound and outbound traffic and includes options such as set time-out duration, drop file if errors in detection occur, and define trusted sites. Policy can be set for allow/deny lists, with extensions along with file size and content type restrictions. Alerts and log files can also be customised.
  • Performance and Scalability: ProxyAV is a purpose-built appliance designed for efficient malware analysis at the gateway. Load balancing and clustering technology achieve higher efficiency with less hardware than single box solutions. ProxyAV communicates with ProxySG via ICAP(S), a high-performance and standards-based protocol. The multi-core architecture of ProxyAV combined with load balancing and clustering technology boost performance to 1Gbps throughput for high-availability Web gateway deployments.
  • Scan Everything: ProxyAV provides best-in-class malware scanning with performance and security. ProxyAV can scan files up to 2GB in size and analyse compressed archives up to 99 layers deep. ProxyAV integrates with multiple threat awareness clouds, including Blue Coat WebPulse and third-party clouds, providing multi-vendor cloud protection at the gateway.