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Enable Consolidation with WAN Optimisation on Industry Standard Servers

Blue Coat ProxySG Virtual Appliance (VA) is a software version of ProxySG Acceleration Edition. A critical component of Blue Coat's Application Delivery Network infrastructure, ProxySG VA provides WAN Optimisation on industry standard servers for branch offices. ProxySG VA reduces bandwidth and accelerates application performance enabling innovative branch office consolidation.

Blue Coat ProxySG VA

Blue Coat WAN Optimisation speeds delivery of business applications and dramatically reduces bandwidth required, helping you accelerate performance of applications and reduce WAN costs - from files, email and backup to video and Web applications delivered internally or as Software as-a-Service (SaaS). Reduce costs via consolidation while delivering local applications and Microsoft Server 2008 services by reducing the number of servers via consolidation and eliminating backup systems by enabling centralisation of storage and backup.

Blue Coat helps you drastically reduce the operating and capital costs for rich branch office infrastructure. Powerful x86 multi core server systems with excess capacity combine with virtualisation to enable you to deploy almost ANY business application or service at a branch – when you need it. That allows you to adapt to changing requirements in our complex technology world.


  • Protocol Optimisation: Accelerates application performance over the WAN by mitigating the penalties that latency imposes on inefficient protocols or applications originally architected for the LAN and running on the WAN.
  • Object Caching: Dramatically accelerate Web application and workflows that depend on centrally-stored files by delivering remote content locally in the branch.
  • Byte Caching: Reduce the effects of latency, and significantly reduce bandwidth consumption, for repetitive data elements, even across disparate applications, transmitted over the WAN.
  • Compression: Reduce the effect of latency, and reduce bandwidth consumption for any compressible data transiting the WAN.
  • Bandwidth Management: Ensures productivity by prioritising enterprise-critical data flows over bulk-data or recreational traffic flows.
  • Video Optimisation: Stream splitting, video pre-population and video caching can save up to 99.99% of bandwidth.