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The Price of Downtime:

What Will an Hour, a Day, or a Week Cost your Business?

Major European organisations are collectively suffering from almost 1 million hours of downtime* a year with UK organisations losing more than €2.6 billion* in revenue because data protection policies aren't robust enough. In today's technology dependent world, recovery times of 4-8 hours are not acceptable. Having a Disaster Recovery plan to deliver total application availability is crucial. The impact of downtime is felt in a variety of ways, and may be immediate or have long term repercussions including:

  • Negative impact to revenue and employee productivity
  • Impact on business records and regulatory reporting
  • Customer, vendor, and employee dissatisfaction
  • Damage to brand/company reputation
  • Loss of shareholder confidence

To prevent downtime and data loss, businesses of all sizes require a Disaster Recovery plan and strategy that can be tested without disrupting the work environment. Learn how the CA ARCserve Family of Products can protect your critical business data and applications and simplify and automate your disaster recovery.

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