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Threat Manager r12

Threat Manager r12 combines a full-featured network anti-virus solution with policy-drive endpoint access control to protect networks from malicious software and unauthorised access.  Its automatic endpoint discovery and client software deployment features make it easy for you to protect endpoints upon connection, allowing you to easily create and enforce policies to ensure corporate security standards.


CA Threat Manager offers industry-leading protection against:

  • Network Access Protection
  • Virus & Spyware Protection
  • Groupware Protection
  • Malware Protection


CA Threat Manager includes the full complement of features and benefits your business requires

  • Centralised management
  • Single scan technology to maximise performance with groupware platforms
  • Proactive updating that ensures up-to-date protection
  • Easy installation and activation for endpoints
  • Unified Network Control for indentity-based network policy enforcement
  • Pre- and post- network admission policy assessment, enforcement and non-compliance remediation
  • OVAL based pre-defined policies to conduct configuration, patch, inventory and vulnerability assessment
  • Near real-time configuration assessment for Microsoft OS-based server infrastructure deployed in a data centre
  • Policy non-compliance remediation by generic interface that can be used to call third-party remediation system, eg, Patch Management
  • Fully compliant with Microsoft - Network Access Protection framework
  • Network policy enforcement for DCHP, 802.1x, VPN (IPSEC and SSL)