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Virtualise with Confidence:

Backup, Recovery & Availability of Your Virtual Environments

In general, we think of server virtualisation as the process of moving business applications from a large number of physical servers to a large number of virtual servers running on comparatively few physical machines. However, organisations also turn to virtualisation to simplify infrastructure, reduce management costs and gain a greater level of flexibility.

Virtualisation enables companies of any size to achieve greater measures of business agility and cost effectiveness. For example:

  • Reduce hardware needs by enabling applications to be isolated inside a virtual machine but share physical resources
  • Transform an IT department from a source of expense to a tool for enabling greater corporate profit
  • Enable highly available environments in which business-critical application can run
  • Provide cost-effective disaster recovery in a manner that is not possible in a completely physical datacentre

The power of P2V and V2V. The CA ARCserve Family of Products makes it easy for you to tap into the true value of virtualised environments with tools that make comprehensive data migration and protection a snap across your company's physical and virtualised infrastructure.

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