Dot Hill Data Management Solutions


AssuredSnap™, AssuredCopy™ and AssuredRemote™ are array based data management tools offering simple but effective capabilities to increase productivity while underpinning disaster recovery policies.

With Dot Hill's Data Management Software (DMS) solutions you have the assurance that you can store, instantly back up, and instantly restore, and you don't have to be a storage expert to make it work through our AssuredSnap™, AssuredCopy™ and AssuredRemote™ data protection software. Each system comes with up to 256 snapshots to provide necessary protection for your business critical applications and this capability can be quickly and easily expanded through simple licensing as business needs demand.

The 2002 series offers bundled appliance solutions that arrive fully licensed with AssuredSnap™ and AssuredCopy™ data protection software. These appliance configurations are denoted the AssurdeSAN 2002-SA and 2002-ST configurations. AssuredSnap and AssuredCopy can be licensed and enabled of any 2002 or 3000 series array, except AssuredRemote which is only available on the 3000 series.

The 3000 series also offer pre-licensed configurations which are denoted the C, S and R series which are delivered with specific DMS features enabled at a discounted cost. Full DMS features can similarly be licensed for any variant in the AssuredSAN 3000 series.

Dot Hill AssuredSnap AssuredSnap™ - provides volume snapshot capability, allowing point-in-time copies that can be used to maximise business continuity

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Dot Hill AssuredCopy AssuredCopy™ - creates a full volume copy providing further safeguards against vdisk failure & eliminating application I/O contention when accessing the same data blocks

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Dot Hill AssuredRemote AssuredRemote™ - remote asynchronous snapshot replication offers a very affordable low maintenance approach to remote office data protection and disaster recovery

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