Dot Hill High Performance RAID Storage Solutions

High Performance RAID Storage

AssuredSAN 3000 Series - Complete Flexibility & Investment Protection

The Dot Hill 3000 Series offers investment protection and non-disruptive storage upgrades through the use of 8Gb Fibre Channel (FC), or dual interface 8Gb Fibre Channel with 1Gb iSCSI solutions that are fully backward-compatible with existing 4Gb Fibre Channel and iSCSI installations. With the addition of drive spin-down, mixed drive type support and dual protocol interfaces, users can now combine both high performance primary volumes and secondary storage with different usage profiles in the same physical unit.

Simple and Affordable Remote Replication with 'Set & Forget' Simplicity

Dot Hill AssuredSAN 3000 SeriesAssuredRemote™ is a key component of the Dot Hill 3000 Series Architecture, enabling IT professionals to solve many of today's data protection challenges by building complete solutions for business continuance, disaster recovery and regulatory compliance.

Replication is simply the ability to capture a moment in time of a disk volume and replicate it to a different location. It allows the remote copy of data not only to function as a backup, but also provides the ability to restore to a specific point-in-time so that systems can be recovered to a moment before a significant event, such as data corruption, application failure or a site disaster.

The impact of service downtime can be very serious and replication forms a back bone to ensure business continuity. Replication can be scheduled to keep business impacts low and can be used to restore your business operations within minutes.

iSCSI & 8Gb FC in a single system

The AssuredSAN™ 3920R and 3930R deliver both 8Gb FC and 1Gb iSCSI in a single hybrid array delivering maximum flexibility. These systems enable users to leverage both iSCSI and Fibre Channel storage to perform file and block level storage and replication both locally and across a wide area network (WAN) from a single unified storage system.

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