Double-Take Share

Need to share data across that's spread among dissimilar databases, data schemas and applications?

Double-Take Share (formerly known as Replicate1) breaks down the barriers so you can share data easily and in near real-time.

  • Replicate data among disparate platforms
  • Transform data as required
  • Replicate data one-way or bi-directionally
  • Point-and-click set-up from a central console

Automated Sharing

  • Provides reliable change-data capture and real-time replication that ensures data integrity
  • Improves productivity and profitability by eliminating data barriers between applications
  • Frees up DBA time and improves productivity
  • Shares data transparently among disparate hardware, operating system and database platforms
  • Allows managers to make better-informed business decisions using integrated data from divergent sources
  • Lets you choose applications that best meet your business objectives, without regard to the underlying database or operating system, while assuring integration at the data level
  • Allows data to be placed close to its users, even when they are geographically dispersed, reducing transmission costs and times for frequently-accessed data

How It Works

Double-Take Share: How it works

View Double-Take Share in action

Double-Take Share continuously monitors a source database and replicates changes to a target database (or multiple target databases) in near real-time. Replication can be one-way or bidirectional. Using bidirectional replication, shared data can be updated in multiple locations. Double-Take Share detects and resolves any conflicts that arise when two people change the same data simultaneously. The target database can have a different data schema, use different data types, employ a different database management system and run on different hardware than the source database.

If you need the data in different forms in the source and target databases, such as product names versus product codes or mm-dd-yy versus yyyy/mm/dd dates you can use one of the more than 60 pre-built, click-and-go data transformations that come with Double-Take Share or you can program your own data transformations to meet your organisation's unique needs.

Double-Take Share supports a variety of data sharing topologies including one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one and cascading replication. All of these topologies support both unidirectional and bidirectional data sharing.

Double-Take Share is easy to configure and uses a centralised, intuitive management console for monitoring and controlling day-to-day data sharing processes. A sophisticated user interface allows you to just point and click to map data sources to data targets. Then relax. Double-Take Share does the rest.