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Welcome to Freecom at Insight UK

Freecom stands for innovative and professional storage solutions since 1989.  Every product is designed, engineered and certified in Germany under the highest quality standards to guarantee you optimal satisfaction.  The technical development process, highest quality components and German product inspection standards ensure the end user superior quality and reliability.

Freecom Family ToughDrive Range -  The toughest drive there is!

Your data requires the best possible protection, especially during mobile use. The Freecom ToughDrive is a specially protected mobile hard drive with a conveniently integrated USB 2.0 cable.

Thanks to the internal suspension and shock-absorbing silicone enclosure, this mobile hard drive is resistant to sudden impact and shocks, and even withstands falls from heights of up to two metres.

3.5" Network Hard Drives - The future of Hard Drive storage

These days almost everybody has a computer network - not only at the office but also at home. So what about one central location to store data on? The Freecom 3.5" external Network Drives fill that need. Your data easily accessible and sharable.

From entry level network storage to a professional dual-disk "all in one" storage server with up to 4TB capacity; we have the network drive for all scenarios. Easy to set-up, manage and use. Like it's meant to be!

Secure Drives - The best protection against unauthorised access.

In business, data is often confidential and should be blocked from unauthorised access. The Hard Drive Secure offers a new data protection scenario: the drive comes with 2 security key cards to lock and unlock the drive. Using RFID technology and AES encryption, they provide the ultimate in security. No keycard means no access.