Google Mail

Google Mail

Why businesses use Google Mail for professional email accounts

Google Mail has over 10 million business users and growing. Each user has 25GB of storage to minimise the need to delete email. Furthermore, there's powerful Google search functionality and email/IM threading. Instant messaging is embedded in Google Mail so you can respond to an email in real-time. Also, your Google Mail is available from any computer so you're no longer limited to answering email at your desk. Google Mail is simple to use, but not simplistic in its functionality, which means less time required for user training. You can also use Google Mail offline after enabling the offline feature in Google Mail Labs.

Get control of spam

Advanced filters keep spam from your inbox so you can focus on messages that matter.

Keep all your important email

25 GB of storage per user lets you keep just about anything you think may be important down the road.

Unified communications

Email, instant message and make high-quality voice and video communication without launching a separate application.» Voice and video chat from your inbox