Rechercher Kodak produits

The name Kodak has been synonymous with high quality images of all types for over 100 years. The company has been designing and manufacturing document scanners for over 30 years and has recently expanded its portfolio with the purchase of Bowe Bell & Howell's scanner division making Kodak the most comprehensive source of hardware, software and service offerings in the industry.

Kodak products are available for scanning volumes ranging from just a few hundred, to tens of thousands of documents per day using Perfect Page image processing which ensures the highest quality images, no matter what condition the documents are in.

Many models come with bundled indexing and retrieval software and Kodak's own Capture Pro software with features such as Scan-to-Sharepoint, expands the capabilities of the scanners still further.

All products are backed by Kodak Service & Support offering "3 For Free" 3- year warranty and Scanner Hotline support on selected models and our Performance Plus service contracts on others, providing 3 years on-site maintenance including consumables for a single fee, secure in the knowledge that Kodak engineers are looking after your equipment.